About Carniba

Carniba Limited is a leading car e-commerce platform and your ultimate destination for buying cars online. We have simplified the entire used car-buying process so you can have the same experience as buying a brand-new car. We handle all the cumbersome tasks such as proper car inspection, hassle-free ownership transfer, and offer flexible financing. Thus your only concern is to focus on the joy of your new purchase.

You can also call us the online matchmaking service between you and your dream car since our goal is to ensure that you find the perfect match for your lifestyle and budget. Thus, we have a wide variety of cars to choose from. So, you can trust Carniba Limited for the smoothest journey to car ownership.

Our service doesn't just stop at selling cars. Carniba Limited commits to offering end-to-end solutions to all your problems. We prioritize efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction. So, join the Carniba family today and drive away with your dream car confidently.

What Carniba Do

We first started as a used car selling platform where we help customers sell their used cars through a trusted, convenient and fast process. This simple process starts with booking an appointment online. Our highly-trained inspectors are well-equipped to provide a complete car condition report before an on-the-spot offer is given. Alternatively, customers can proceed with bidding where our network of dealers will have the chance to place a bid.